Michele Webber Professional Handmade Watercolour Essentials Set of 10 Colours - Pre Order Now For Dispatch 02 November 2020 UK Time

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Michele Webber Professional Handmade Watercolour Essentials Set of 10 Colours - Pre Order Now For Dispatch 02 November 2020 UK Time

Each set of 10 colours has been designed from the ground up using our signature fully synthetic watercolour binder (no animal products are used at all in our Binder or Pigments making this set fully Vegan) and includes a German Quality Steal Artist Tin (Black) with a unique colour swatch mixing guide designed by Michele

Available in 14ml Tubes or Hand Poured Half Pans with or without a size 6 round synthetic brush

Hansa Yellow (P.Y 3)

A non toxic alternative to Cadmium Lemon, this cool yellow is perfect for mixing bright greens and sunny oranges; it’s great for flowers too.

Diarylide Yellow (P.Y 83)

This beautiful warm yellow will mix warm greens and soft oranges, fantastic for landscapes. 

Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) (P.B 15:3)

This vibrant blue makes bright greens and is invaluable for skies and water in landscape painting.

French Ultramarine (P.B 29)

A lovely Mediterranean blue; it can make amazing purples and its high granulation properties make it perfect for texture techniques.

Permanent Rose (P.V 19)

A stunning bright pink, brilliant for flowers it also mixes amazing sunset colours, purples and lilacs.

Pyrrole Red (P.R 254)

A beautiful strong red that can mix to oranges, brick colours and add a touch of autumn to your trees.

Yellow Ochre (P.Y 43)

This deep muted yellow is perfect for mixing into beach colours and making natural earthy greens.

Raw Umber (P.Br 7)

A cool, light brown that is fantastic for pale trees and mixes a range of natural concrete and stone colours.

Burnt Sienna (P.R 101)

A rich red brown, excellent for painting buildings and trees, can be cooled and darkened using the mixing guide.

Payne’s Grey (P.Bk 6 & P.B 15)

This is a softer alternative to black and can also mix some beautiful dark greens and stormy purples. Can be lightened and warmed using the mixing guide.

About the set

Working closely with Jackman’s Art Materials I have selected these essential colours to give you the greatest variety of mixing options. Using over two decades of experience teaching thousands of students how to mix colours, I know that these basic hues will give you everything you need to begin painting landscapes, animals, florals and more. The Essentials Set contains pure, brilliant colours in warm and cool hues, in a selection of primaries and neutrals. Using my unique mixing guide included in every set, you will be able to expand these base colours and mix many more, including a full range of secondary colours (violets, greens and oranges) and an expanded selection of neutrals. Simply follow the instructions to mix one color with another and obtain a new color. A perfect starting place for beginners looking for a foundation set of paints, but also of the finest quality that more experienced artists demand.

I am pleased to put my name to these paints and am confident you will find them a delight to use for many years to come.

Michele Webber


Our German Made Artist Tin

Made from 100% German Quality steel that will stand the test of time, you can feel the quality just in the weight of the tin

Synthetic Size 6 Round Brush

Handmade in Germany by skilled crafts people and are made with 3 key elements in mind:

A crisp point that maintains during use.
The perfect snap & spring, giving the artist an exceptional ‘give & take' between the brush and painting surface.
Superior, consistent & even flow control from the belly of the brush straight through to the point.

Our watercolours are perfect for artists of all experience from beginners to advanced who value high quality materials

Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have

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