A Collection Of Granulating Watercolours By M.Jackman Vol.1

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This Watercolour set contains 5 Finest Professional Handmade Granulating Watercolours each in 5ml tubes or 14ml tubes.

  • Lightfast and pigment rich
  • Made from our Distilled Water Gum Arabic base formula for unparalleled flow of colour to white on paper
  • Only the highest quality mostly single pigments used
  • Vegan Friendly 

This set contains:

Sage Green

Pigment: Transparent Red Oxide / Potters Pink / Ultramarine Blue / Azo Yellow
Pigment c.i number: P.R 101 / P.R 233 / P.B 29 / P.Y 150
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Semi-Transparent
Deep Sea Green 
Pigment: Black Iron Oxide, Genuine Cobalt Blue & Phthalocyanine Green
Pigment c.i number: P.Bk 11, P.B 72 & P.G 7
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Semi-Transparent 


Pigment: Anthaquinoid Red, Ultramarine Blue & Phthalocyanine Green
Pigment c.i number: P.R 177 / P.B 29 / P.G 7
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Semi-Transparent 

Pigment: Potters Pink / Ultramarine Blue
Pigment c.i number: P.R 233 / P.B 29
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Semi-Transparent 
Lunar Blue 
Pigment: Black Iron Oxide / Phthalocyanine Blue
Pigment c.i number: P.Bk 11 / P.B 15:3
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Semi-Transparent

Each batch is throughly checked against previous batches to ensure colour, vibrancy & viscosity are exactly the same

Our watercolours are perfect for artists of all experience from beginners to advanced who value high quality materials

Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

In love... Great watercolour!

Helen J
Beautiful colours and granulation

Gorgeous richly coloured paints. Loved the mulberry and nebula especially, but they are all beautiful!

Great effects from these watercolours.

I'm so pleased I bought these now. I first swatched them out in a book of cartridge paper I started swatching in when I started with watercolours and wasn't sure what the fuss was about. Then I tried them out on some rough watercolour paper and WOW! They separate in such fascinating ways. My favourites are Deep Sea Green (though I see it as more of a blue) and Mulberry. Mulberry is beautiful.

Jane Mcgrath
Granulating watercolours

I’m new to watercolour painting and have wanted to try granulating paints for a while, I’m so pleased with these paints they granulate beautifully and I’m so excited to use them on a regular basis. The colours are rich and are an amazing set of colours. Also great service,Thanks Jackmans.

Alison Conway
Granulating colours

I love these granulating colours, they add so much more textural interest than normal paint, especially the deep sea green that forms tiny little blue circles in the intense initial application and Nebula that has a a red granulation effect with lavender background. Other colour can be mixed in for a huge variety of colour/texture effects.

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