Are your watercolours Vegan?

All our Finest Professional Watercolours are Vegan friendly apart from Ivory Black due to the nature of the pigment

Do you ship to the US?

We do ship to the US, We also ship everywhere in the world! 

Is your mica ethically sourced?

Yes, We only use Synthetic Mica pigments

Do half pans contain more paint the pots?

This all depends on the specific gravity of each individual colour, As each pigment has a different density there can be slightly more or less paint in a half pan compaired to pots

Pans or Tubes?

Pans are best for traveling but tubes are best for when you want large amounts of colour quickly

Are customs fees included for shipment to Europe?

No, we don't currently handle customs fees they are taken care of by our shipping provider (Usually Royal Mail) If you would like customs fees included our Etsy shop includes customs fess, Please message us if you need any further help with this question

Can i buy your products anywhere else?

Currently online from our Official Website, Etsy, Ebay & Amazon

Also Available from Patching's Art Shop