Finest Professional Handmade Watercolours

Our Finest Professional Handmade Watercolours are Highly Pigmented, Beautifully Vibrant and Mainly single pigments

Our binder is made from; Hand-Picked Kordofan Gum Arabic, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin and a touch of Preservative. Each colour has been specially formulated individually to accentuate the properties of the pigments.


  • Handcrafted in the heart of the UK
  • Same formula for Tubes & Pans
  • Professional Artist Quality
  • Re-wets quickly and easily
  • No animal products in our binder (All Vegan-Friendly Watercolours apart from Ivory Black)

Available in: 5ml & 14ml Tubes

"Every single element of each watercolour has been picked apart into its finest details, from testing different qualitys of gum arabic, testing, distilling and filtering our own distilled water, using vegetable glycerin for ethical reasons, testing multipule preservatives, looking into the history and speaking directly with manufacturers about our pigments to find the most vibrant hues and shades we were looking for, we've also tested how each colour drys when left in pans or on the pallete to avoid cracking and how to get the best activation from just the touch of a wet brush (This comes from getting the correct ratios of Gum, Water & Glycerin), How the tube is opened and how to minimize any paint spurting out, Viscosity plays a huge part in this (another part we scrutinized every detail on to make sure the paint can be picked up directly from the tube onto the tip of the brush), we looked into every detail of the tube to make sure it is the best quality possible to avoid paint drying out inside the tube or the end seal coming undone as paints squeezed out of the tube, kept the caps to a traditional feel to allow ease of opening, we even design the lables on site to make sure each detail is easily readable allowing the artist to quickly distinguish which colour is which when looking through thier collection.

Everything is inspired by artists and by the way our chemist Marc Jackman thinks about creativity, "it should be as easy as possible when your in a creative flow to get the paint from the tube onto the pallette or rewet the paint with as little going wrong as possble to keep the creativity flowing, as i know from personal experience that as soon as something adverse happens when in the creative flow it can stop that creativity instantly, this is why every single detail has been looked into and continues to be""