Jackman's Art Materials

About Jackman’s Art Materials

Established in November 2019 within the heart of the UK, Jackman’s Art Materials was created with a vision to create the highest quality art material products that focus on the best possible experience for the artist

Marc Jackman, Founder and Chief Chemist grew up around the Art Materials industry with father Peter Jackman working all his working life within the industry; it was only after he was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease that he had to take early retirement. Around 5 years after his retirement, Marc came home from his day job as an Accountant/BA with an idea that would allow them to spend more time and build something together; this idea was Jackman's Art Materials.  It wasn't long after starting the company that attention to detail and making the highest quality watercolours became an obsession for Marc; this very quickly led onto formulating Traditional Indian Drawing Inks and later Acrylics. This fits with Marc's natural interest in Science and always questioning 'why'. 

There's always something in formulation in the Jackman's lab so keep an eye out for new products in the future. 



Professional Handmade Watercolours

Our mission was and still is, to create the purest watercolours possible, always researching and working closely with artists.  Our binder only consists of: Hand Picked Kordofan Gum Arabic, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin and a touch of biocide making nearly all our watercolours vegan friendly.

We've looked into every single detail of our watercolours to create the best possible experience for the artist; we continue to work closely with pigment manufacturers and artists so we know we're getting the best, most vibrant pigments possible. We always test every batch to check for quality and consistency; investing in our machinery and always looking for new more efficient ways to refine our whole process to get the most out of each pigment......

Want to know more about how we make our Finest Professional Handmade Watercolours?

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How We Make Our Watercolours

Want to know more about our Quality Control Process for our Watercolours?

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Quality Control Process for Watercolours

Check out the video below

Filmed at the SAA studios for Professional Artist Alison C Board’s Own Brand Watercolours featuring Marc Jackman Founder of Jackman’s Art Materials explaining the process we go though to produce our watercolours

Artist Acrylics

Our Flow Formula Acrylics have been designed to be a; Mid viscosity, Low Rheology, Low Sag, Low VOC, Mid Gloss, Highly Pigmented Artist Acrylic that also contain no extenders (we didn’t feel there was any need and like our watercolours why mess with the pigments natural personality’s)

With an obsession over each pigments natural properties of transparency, each Artist Flow Formula Acrylic has been designed to accentuate these, if a pigment is meant to be transparent then it is and vice verca with opaque pigments, we use no ammonia in any of our acrylics, this is a very old method that many manufactures still use to modify the rhyology of their acrylics (They use this as the alcali to swell the acidic coils in the modifyer until a PH between 8 - 8.5 is reached, this method can be very unstable and also adds the smell of amonia to the acrylic) we instead use an inverse way to acheive the rhyology we were looking for, this makes our acrylics extreamly stable and the only thing you can smell is the acrylic polymer as it should be.

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