Jackman's Art Materials

About Jackman’s Art Materials

Established in November 2019 within heart of the UK, Jackman’s Art Materials was created with a vision to create the highest quality art material products that focuses on the best possible experience for the artist

Professional Handmade Watercolours

  • Handcrafted in the heart of the UK
  • Exact same formula for Tubes, Pots & Pans
  • Professional Artist Quality
  • Re-wet quickly and easily
  • Fully Synthetic Formula (No animal products in our binder)

14ml Tubes - Made for the professional artist, each colour contains the highest pigment percentage possible, combined with a fully synthetic binder (Vegan) making each colour highly pigmented & beautifully vibrant

5g Pots - These 5g pots are the perfect in between between Tubes and Pans, Wet Paint in a small conveniently portable pot, these can also be left out to dry if you prefer using pans

Half Pans - Keeping to our traditional standards our half pans are hand poured, this incredibly labour intensive process keeps our pans in the purest possible form

Production Tools/Process

We use a pestle and mortar to hand grand new pigments as we begin formulating new colours

Pestle & Mortar

Our laboratory mixer used for high speed mixing fresh sample batches

Laboratory mixer

Our smaller 3 roll mill capable of small to medium size batches ensures full despersment of Pigments

Small 3 Roll Mill

Check out our 3 roll mill in action in the below video showing our process from pigment to tube featuring our Burnt Sienna


Our large 3 roll mill capable of medium to large sized batches

Medium 3 Roll Mill

Our large mixer capable of mixing medium to large batches

Medium Sized Mixer

Sealing tubes can be a tricky task so we had a custom built tube closer designed and built just for us, please contact us if you would like more information or would like to purchase one for yourself

Aluminium Tube Closer

We swatch a small sample of each batch onto our labels by hand to show you the exact colour in that tube

Jackman’s Art Materials Burnt Sienna Label after painting on swatch