Looking for your own watercolour brand?

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own brand of watercolours or having your own signature colours?

Here at Jackman’s Art Materials, we specialise in formulating/manufacturing own label small/medium quantity watercolour (We can make other mediums such as Acrylics, Oils, Pastels & Inks) & bespoke ranges for Artists and Retailers

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  • Do own brand watercolours have to be from the Jackman’s range?

No, you can pick colours from our range and put your own brand labels on them, or we can completely design your colours from the ground up, Binder, Pigments, Tube design & Labels, this is the beauty of own brand they are your brand so can be however you want them to be

  • Can you design our labels?

We can design your labels for you in house or you can design them yourself, we can also have them professionally printed for you whether we design them, or you do

  • Do you do own brand brushes?

Yes, please contact us for more information on own brand artist brushes

  • Can you match a colour i mix/use all the time?

Yes, this is one of our speialities and one of our favorates, we love the complete creative process of colour matching, From working closely with yourselves to formulating ready for production, All we require is a small sample of the colour, swatch or pigment numbers, as much information as you can provide

  • Do you do Own Brand Acrylics?

Yes, We can match Viscosity, Rhyology, Density and pigment strength of many acrylics already out in the market, we can also create an acrylic to how you'd like it to feel, We speak directly with our polymer manufacture to ensure up to date knolidge and that we're keeping all our proceses up to date


Check out the video below filmed at the SAA studios for Professional Artist Alison C Board’s own brand watercolours featuring Marc Jackman Founder of Jackman’s Art Materials explaining the process we go though to produce our watercolours

We manufacture and formulate all our Watercolours & Acrylics on-site giving us complete control of every angle of the production process from formulating each colour to the individual artists needs to producing small to large quantities depending on the requirement by the artist/retailer

Ultramarine Blue Watercolour, Kordofan Gum Arabic Lumps, Jackman's Synthetic Round Brush