Michele Webber Professional Handmade Watercolour Floral Set of 10 Colours

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Michele Webber Professional Handmade Watercolour Floral Set of 10 Colours

Each set of 10 colours has been designed from the ground up using our signature fully synthetic watercolour binder (no animal products are used at all in our Binder or Pigments making this set fully Vegan) and includes a German Quality Steel Artist Tin (Black) 

Available in 14ml Tubes or Hand Poured Half Pans with or without a size 8 round synthetic brush

Each set contains:

Buttercup - PY 37 & PY 3

A bright, sunny yellow, good for all types of yellow flowers and also very useful for adjusting greens and pushing pinks towards peach.

Marigold - PO 13 & PY 3

A fresh clear orange that can be used alone, added to pink florals or dropped into greens to add brightness.

Poppy Red - PR 254 & PY 3

A bright, orange biased red, fantastic for poppies, can be added to yellow for strong deep oranges.

Hollyhock - PR 122, PR 170 & PR 101

A deep crimson red, great for dark pink flowers, watered down it makes natural rose hues.

Clematis – PR 122 & PR 254

A strong blue biased pink, fantastic for bright pink flowers, it also mixes purples and lilacs with the addition of blue.

Delphinium - PB 15 & PR 122

Designed for flowers that are ‘blue’, can be made more so with the addition of a little ultramarine, or add a little pink for strong purples.

Fresh Green -  PG 7, PY 3 & PO 20

Designed to give really bright greens without the unnatural look many tube greens have.

Darkest Green – PB 27 & PY 3

Made to go dark when used strongly, but also makes soft muted greens with the addition of water.

Soft Green - PB 35, PY 3 & PR 122

For those greens which border on grey, this is a great colour for pale, muted greens.

Petal Shadow - PB 35, PY 3 & PR 122

This colour was made specifically for adding shadow to white flowers without ‘killing’ them, it is mixed with a lilac bias, meaning you can use it on yellow flowers too, without getting green.

Our German Made Artist Tin

Made from 100% German Quality steel that will stand the test of time, you can feel the quality just in the weight of the tin

Synthetic Size 6 Round Brush

Handmade in Germany by skilled crafts people and are made with 3 key elements in mind:

A crisp point that maintains during use.
The perfect snap & spring, giving the artist an exceptional ‘give & take' between the brush and painting surface.
Superior, consistent & even flow control from the belly of the brush straight through to the point.

Our watercolours are perfect for artists of all experience from beginners to advanced who value high quality materials

Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have

Would you like to take Michele's FREE Watercolour Mini-Course and paint a beautiful Pink Rose? It's easy enough for complete beginners! Just click HERE to register for free:

Course Link: https://in-the-studio-with-michele.thinkific.com/courses/free-mini-course-pink-rose


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Karen O
Really very happy!

The order arrived very well packaged and protected for its trip from the UK to the US. It was delivered sooner than I anticipated. The paint box is very nice. I haven’t dipped into the colors yet but am excited to do so.

E. Meijer
Very good watercolor set

I really love this paint. Michele is a great teacher!

Angela Caires
Love these colors

I’m enjoying these new colors!

Excellent service, excellent product

Jackman’s fulfillment of my order was prompt and efficient. The product itself, Michele Webber’s shadow paint set, is awesome. It even included a mixing chart which was a pleasant surprise. The paints come in a substantial metal container, first quality. The colors are perfect and the paint quality is good. I will shop here again. In fact I have already ordered Michele’s floral set!

Andrew Ansaldi III
Michele Webber signature set

I received my floral set and the brushes from Michele Webber’s signature collection at Jackman’s. Amazing richly pigmented colors. Really beautiful. I especially like the neutral petal tint. The perfect floral grey. The brushes are fantastic too. They hold tons of water and have an amazing point. I also live in the Caribbean and received them perfectly. Took some time to get here but that is normal for us in Haiti. Thank you for these products. Andrew

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  • Is it possible to buy single tubes of paint?


    They are currently only available in sets of 10

    Kind Regards

    Marc Jackman