Watercolour Brushes for Beginners, the Essentials Set in Collaboration with Michele Webber

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Watercolour Brushes for Beginners, the Essentials Set in Collaboration with Michele Webber

In collaboration with UK artist and YouTube tutor Michele Webber, we are delighted to bring you this basic set of watercolour brushes.

These are the brushes Michele recommends for her course ‘Basic Watercolour Techniques (for Beginners)’ and up until now they have only been available to course students!

This set of 3 high quality synthetic brushes are everything you need to get started!

The right brush is essential for controlling water levels and getting great results:

There are many different brushes you can potentially use for watercolor painting but a round brush (the traditional name for a brush with a point) is the first brush you need. These versatile brushes hold plenty of paint for smooth application but the point allows surprisingly fine details to be rendered. This set contains two round brushes for details and larger areas.

In addition, a large flat brush is perfect for applying water to your paper, pre-wetting and perfecting large flat and graduated washes.

Using a brush that is too small causes numerous problems including drying lines and back-runs. These brushes will give you the flow and control you need to get your basic techniques right. Even when you move on to more advanced work they will still form the backbone of your practice.

These brushes are handmade in Germany, fully vegan and suitable for watercolor artists of all levels

Included in this set

  • Synthetic Round Size 8
  • Synthetic Round Size 12
  • Synthetic Flat Wash Brush 1.5”

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jesse Siebein
Great Brush Set

These brushes are high quality, versatile and are a pleasure to paint with. The best detail 100 synthetic. I have used these brushes over the last six months.

Del Shields
Top quality

Ordered the Essentials Set of watercolour brushes. Arrived super quick, and well packaged. Fantastic service from this company as previous orders. The brushes were top quality well made synthetic brushes. Nice handles, held plenty of water, and come to a nice point. Good for detail in my mixed media work. Fantastic!!!

Chooi Har Holland
Great watercolour brushes!

Love the brushes, perform perfectly well, I am a not confident with watercolours, these brushes helped .

Myra Emery
Michele Webber brushes

An excellent set of brushes for my watercolour. Everything they promised to be. Good quality with nice rounded points. Value for money.


Not very good

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