A Collection Of Granulating Watercolours By M.Jackman Vol.2

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This Watercolour set contains 5 Finest Professional Handmade Granulating Watercolours each in 5ml tubes or 14ml tubes.

  • Lightfast and pigment rich
  • Made from our Distilled Water Gum Arabic base formula for unparalleled flow of colour to white on paper
  • Only the highest quality mostly single pigments used
  • Vegan Friendly 

This set contains:

Desert Blue

Pigment: Cerulean Blue, Synthetic Iron Oxide & Ultramarine Blue
Pigment c.i number: P.B 35, P.R 101 & P.B 29
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Transparent 
Rainforest Green 
Pigment: Diarylide Yellow, Cobalt Green & Ultramarine Blue
Pigment c.i number: P.Y 83, P.G 19 & P.B 29
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Semi-Transparent 

Moss Stone Green

Pigment: Burnt Umber, Cobalt Green & Yellow Ochre
Pigment c.i number: P.Br 6, P.G 19 & P.Y 43
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Semi-Transparent 

Pigment: Potters Pink, Raw Umber & Yellow Ochre
Pigment c.i number: P.R 233, P.Br 7 & P.Y 43
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Semi-Transparent 
Pigment: Quinacridone Violet, Ultramaine Blue & Cerulean Blue
Pigment c.i number: P.V 19, P.B 29 & P.B 35
Lightfastness: AAA
Opacity: Semi-Transparent 

Each batch is throughly checked against previous batches to ensure colour, vibrancy & viscosity are exactly the same

Our watercolours are perfect for artists of all experience from beginners to advanced who value high quality materials

Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I have a lot of palettes and handmade paint, this is among the finest I’ve used - the vivid color and the versatility of this watercolor is something else. Any one of these tubes of paint are irresistible to play with and discover over and over because they are that good. Thank you so much for my paint- I have a strong feeling you’ll be sending more purchases my way soon lol.

Granulating watercolours

Great product at a good price.

Helen J
Beautiful paints

Loved these gorgeous paints. The colours were beautiful and the granulation is wonderful.

Nancy Trimper
Beautiful colors

I immediately had to try out every color. some, are perfect for my washes in the painting I am working on now and I can’t wait to use them all . Each paint has a good amount of pigment, they are not junk!

Excellent watercolors

Great pigment! Flow well and have added interesting dynamics to my painting. Will purchase more in the future

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