Extra Fine Golden Synthetic (Gold Sable) Round Professional Watercolour & Oil Painting Brush

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More than any other tool, the brush is a direct extension of an artists’ hand, eye & expressive vision; that’s why we have sought out and extensively tested brushes of only the finest quality. 


All our German-made brushes have 3 key elements: 

  • A crisp point that maintains during use.
  • The perfect snap & spring, giving the artist an exceptional ‘give & take' between the brush and painting surface.
  • Superior, consistent & even flow control from the belly of the brush straight through to the point.


Finest quality materials 

There is no compromise on the quality of the raw materials in this brush. We only use the finest quality fine golden synthetic hair, birchwood handles & a seamless silver ferrule, all hand-assembled to the highest possible standard by expert craftspeople. 


Each brush is shipped with a protective cover to protect the hairs in transit. 


Please note that there is no real sable in the hairs on these brushes, they are made to be as close as possible to sable hairs without being sable


Sizes Available: 

Stock: 3/0, 0 & 10 

New Branded: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 & 12

Product Description: 

Type: Round 

Hair: Extra Fine Golden Synthetic (Gold Sable) 

Ferrule: Seamless Silver 

Stock Handle: Short Black Lacquered 

New Branded Handle: Matte Black Lacquered



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bernard Lillis
Great Paints & Brushes

I'm new to Jackman's having only recently discovered them from Michelle Webbers You Tube channel. I recently bought some 5gm paint pots and a couple of the Synthetic Jackman's Brushe to try them and must say I am very impressed. Brushes are great and some of the pigments seem to explode when touched with the smallest amount of water. I was also pleased with the delivery to my home in SE Asia as well, which took just 14 days. Placed a second order today.

a nice brush for beginner

The brush is good to blend colour and hold water.

deborah rowley

Excellent brushes for the cost. Good water holding capacity, holds a good point and delivered very promptly.

Elizabeth Barrett
Nice brush

Nice brush with fine point and the right amount of spring (size 6). I use it for watercolour.

Jake Andrews
Great all rounder.

Smashing all-rounder of a brush. I used it for watercolour and found that it had a thirsty belly and returned to a fine point. For me, it had just the right amount of spring. A great addition to my supplies. A very good price too. Thank you to Michele Webber for recommending it.

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