Michele Webber Professional Handmade Watercolour Shadow Set of 10 Colours

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Michele Webber Professional Handmade Watercolour Shadow Set of 10 Colours

Each set of 10 colours has been designed from the ground up using our signature fully synthetic watercolour binder (no animal products are used at all in our Binder or Pigments making this set fully Vegan) and includes a German Quality Steel Artist Tin (Black)

Available in 14ml Tubes or Hand Poured Half Pans with or without a size 6 round synthetic brush

All colours have a lightfast rating of AAA


Skin Shadow

Adjustable blush/shadow for any skin tone. This colour is the perfect balance between pink and brown. To cool it add blue, to warm it add yellow and to make it pinker add rose. The depth can be adjusted with more or less water.

Wet Sand

Natural brown for beaches, paths and more. Highly adjustable, and natural, never looks too warm or too cool but can be adjusted with yellows for warmth or blues to make it greyer.

Autumn Foliage  

Deep warm amber, fantastic for all sorts of Autumn scenes, can be made transparent or deep depending on the amount of water used.

Winter Bark

Darkest cool brown, add water for a useful deep neutral that sits midway between black and brown. It is great for trees, and watered down can also make bleached fences and driftwood.

Petal Shadow

Michele’s signature shadow colour for botanicals, this soft lilac-leaning grey will make beautiful shadows on white petals and never go green when added to yellow flowers; of course it works on pinks and purples too.

Summer Clouds

Muted warm blue for cloud shadows and skies. The soft blue-grey of English clouds, the hint of lilac means it is never too cold, even when painting winter scenes.

Storm Clouds

A stormy purple-grey for more dramatic skies and stormy conditions, it’s good for seas too when the weather calls for it.

Forest Shadow

Rich warm green, for landscapes and more. This green is on the yellow-grey end of the spectrum but is never dull. It will give strong, deep forest colours and is also useful for undergrowth too.

Davy’s Grey

Popular green-based grey for plant shadows and more. Davy’s grey is traditionally slightly opaque and is good for shadows on flowers, where you want a delicate, green-leaning grey. However it’s also good for things like concrete and stone too.

Payne’s Grey

Strong dark blue-based grey, hugely versatile. This can be used for shadows on white buildings, any ‘black’ where you don’t want dead colour including man-made objects like lamp-posts and benches as well as natural items like black birds, rocks and more.


About the set

Working closely with Jackman’s Art Materials I have selected some of my favourite traditional colours plus designed some new ones to bring together a really useful collection of rich but muted colours. If you struggle to mix neutrals and greys or add shadows to brights you will find everything you need here.

Using the instructions above plus my unique mixing guide (included in every set) you will be able to expand these base colours and adjust them to suit your exact needs.

These are true artists’ quality paints: If you are a beginner they won’t let you down, and if you are an intermediate painter they will give you the results that more experienced artists demand.

I am pleased to put my name to these paints and am confident you will find them a delight to use for many years to come.


Michele Webber

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I enjoy painting animals and find the muted colours in this set really useful. The quality of paint is top notch. Recommended!

Diann Zimmerman
Pigments are lovely!

This is an amazing set of watercolor paints. Shadows have always been difficult for me. This set really helps! Thank you for providing some convenience colors that are so useful!

Debbie Farmen

Michele is a wonderful teacher and I’m so happy to have her paints !

S. Furr
Everyone should have this set

While I like to mix a lot of my own colors, I could never get a decent shadow color. They seemed dull and lifeless. Michele and Jackman’s solved this for me. Her shadow set is lovely, well worth the money. And the paint seems to be of the highest quality.

Debbie Cupp
Michele Webber Professional Handmade Watercolour Shadow Set of 10 Colours

These colors are rich and appealing. I am looking forward to incorporating these in a project very soon.

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