How are our Artist Flow Formula Acrylics made?

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How are our Artist Flow Formula Acrylics made?

Each Artist Flow Formula Acrylic has been made using 100% pure acrylic polymer dispersion, a Rheology Modifier, Vegetable Glycerin to adjust drying time, cosmetic grade preservative and the highest quality artist grade pigment 

No extender or fillers at all, we believe in letting the natural vibrancy of the pigment shine through and there’s no need to add anything that could adversely effect that, it also means a little goes a long way

Each colour is balanced to allow the natural transparency of each pigment shine though, if its a semi-opaque pigment like French Ultramarine then it's a semi-opaque acrylic, we do this by balencing the acrylic polymer ratios to pigment until the correct transparency is acheived 

Gloss has been kept to mid levels so it’s not over glossy or too matte (This is also done when balancing the ratios of pigment to acrylic polymer), we check gloss levels using a gloss meter until they are where we are looking for them to be

Each colour has a viscosity similar to a thick cream allowing a smooth application that retains brush strokes 

There’s also no ammonia used to “thicken” our acrylics so all you’ll smell is the acrylic polymer as it should be 

(Ammonia is an old method used as an alkali along with the Rheology modifier to adjust the Rheology of the acrylic medium and keep it at a PH between 8 - 8.5, this method can be very unstable though so we opted away from this completely and used a new method that’s a lot more PH stable and has no adverse smell (Low VOC’s))


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