The story behind our Artist Pigment Inks

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The story behind the ink

Challenged by Professional Artist Michele Webber to create a new product that challenges the adverse effects of a current product on the market (more on this in the future, the product is currently in the final stages of packaging design) we began lots of different testing and as we were mid flow into testing an Idea popped into our minds whether we could create an ink based that was pigmented and lightfast, after looking into the market we saw a gap, no one was mentioning the pigments used in their inks, that was if they were even using pigments, most are made from dyes making that practically useless in professional artwork and others were lightfast but not water resistant and those that claimed they were both often had an acrylic base behind them making the the flow of the ink less attractive then a shellac based alternative. We got our heads together and after a lot of testing created our first 6 colours in our pigmented ink range

Each colour is lightfast, highly pigmented to professional artist standards and water resistant when dry

They work beautifully combined alongside watercolours and can be painted with a brush over or underneath, can be mixed with water to create flocculation effects

They can also be used just like Indian Inks in dip pens for calligraphy or blown through an air brush

Each colour can be mixed into another to create a wide range of vibrant colours

The flat bottle that contains the ink was chosen for convince when carrying, being flat can sit comfortably in your pocket or into an artist tin, there is also a built in dropper giving the artist full control over the amount decanted from the bottle, this will also minimise any spillages incase of an accidental knock causing the bottle to fall over

Phthalo Green Pigment Ink


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